About Us

The Aloe is indigenous to Southern Africa and is tough enough to survive some of the harshest conditions. Inspired by the Aloe plants, Aloe Caravans are durable and strong- making them the ideal off road companion.

Celebrating the diversity of the different kinds of Aloes, each caravan model is named after a type of aloe. Our current product line starts with the smaller caravan named Camperi and ranges to our larger caravan Striata and Lebombo models.

Aloe Caravans also manufactures Motorhomes (Off-road and tar road versions). Please contact us directly for further information.

Design & Technology

By making use of the latest designs and technologies, Aloe Caravans has carefully considered all requirements and wants of
the modern day camper.


  • The ladder chassis is constructed of mild steel tube which has been expertly welded.
  • The chassis is then hot dipped galvanised to ensure a durable base for the caravan. The chassis is bolted to a "rubbaride" axle with industry beating payload.
  • Large drum brakes are fitted for maximum stopping ability.
  • The frame of the caravan is constructed of welded aluminum tube.
  • The outer skin of the caravan walls are comprised of clad aluminum sheeting which is coated with 2K automotive paint.
  • The Aloe Caravan is the first totally bonded caravan produced in South Africa. This process allows for an extremely strong structure which is light in weight and able to withstand harsh vibrations and conditions.
  • All cupboards are bolted to the aluminum frame so cupboards and side walls will not separate or fall off under harsh road conditions.
  • All items can be accessed from the outside to ensure the interior remains usable from the time the entrance door is opened.
  • Aloe Caravans have a ground clearance of 340mm which is higher than most production 4 X 4 vehicles.
  • The design also incorporates reduced entrance and exit angles (front and back of the van) making access in and out of tough terrain.


  • Lower weight relates to improved fuel consumption and overall safety when towing. Aloe caravans has therefore made extensive use of aluminum which has the tensile strength of mild steel but with a much lower mass.
  • Construction with aluminum makes it possible for smaller vehicles with lower engine capacities to tow the Aloe Caravan.
  • South African legislation requires that the caravan must weigh less than the towing vehicle, which means Aloe Caravans can be towed by almost any vehicle.

Height and comfort

  • With the pop-up roof down, Aloe caravans have a height of 2070mm which allows the van to be stored in a standard garage.
  • Lower height also reduces wind drag and improves fuel consumption when towing.
  • Aloe Caravans are equipped with standard double bed mattresses. This means no sleeping on multiple cushions or gym mats – home comfort in every caravan.