Custom Trailers

If you are looking for a storage trailer, or a trailer for your motorbike or quad bike, Aloe Caravans will build your ideal custom trailer. Built to your specifications and sizes, we will create a trailer to your design.

The images below are from our latest custom trailer, called the "Hedgehog", that is the perfect storage trailer for your holiday or personal needs. This trailer below has the following specifications:

  • Single 1.6 ton rubber ride Burquip axle, with braking system and handbrake
  • Dry unloaded weight of 540KG, allowing for 1060KG payload
  • Double layer walls and roof, with full insulation for heat and weather elements
  • Rubber flooring to prevent sliding objects while driving
  • Truck-style hinged doors to allow for large objects to be loaded
  • Compression locks to prevent dust and water leaks
  • Rear corner steadies to assist with stability while loading of trailer
  • Optional: Awnings, additional doors and windows can be added as per your design